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Destiny 2 Cheat / Hack Methods & Software
Generally, it is possible to hack anything that is not processed on the server or is controlled by the player: aiming, clipping, teleporting, seeing through walls, dodging damage. While it is impossible to hack things that are stored and processed online on the Destiny 2 servers: Health, Items, Iventory, Drop Rates, Glimmer, Legendary Shards, XP, Exotic Engrams, Damage ect. The most popular Destiny 2 Hacks are:

  1. Aimbots will automatically aim your abilities, guns and melee attacks and shoot/trigger as soon as a target can be hit. Auto-aimns at weak points. Very good in PvP Crucibel and PvE Missons ect. The aimbot is the most powerful Destiny 2 Hack out there.
  2. Wallhacks will show you enemies through walls, show you their Health, class ect in PvP and PvE alike. The ESP Wall hack is very powerful and one or the harder to detect cheats for D2.
  3. Other Client--Sided Hacks may allow you to fly, run faster, have no spread, fast reload and no spread/knockback on your guns, teleport short distances, noclip under the map to get semi-god modes, shorten cooldowns on abilities and supers, allow for the use of item duping exploits and lots more. However, many of these will be temporary and get patched.


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Destiny 2 Aimbot
The good old aimbot is without a doubt the king of all Destiny 2 Hacks, hands down: It will scan the map for enemy players, mobs and NPCs, then at the push of a button automatically lock on to an enemy in sight, shoot (trigger) your guns, melee attacks, abilities ect when line of sight is established and the target is in range. Good aimbots will offer options for aim tracking and correction for bullet/projective speed over distance, making it possible to hit even moving targets with grenade launchers ect. However, Aimbots are detectable, so be careful and make sure that any program you download for free online is 100% undetected and up to date and within 24h confirmed working ideally.

Aimbots are extremely useful in PvE, being able to set to aim for headshots and other weak points only, maximizing your DPS. They are also extremely overpowered in PvP Crucibles as you may imagine, making short work of enemy players by sheer power of reaction time and accuracy. Auto aiming software should be used however, with respect for other players and very carefully or you will be reported by enemy players and banned, and you will deserve it. Respect your fellow players always!


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Destiny 2 Farming Bots
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just program a bot to do all the engram farming, legendary shard grinding, patrols, strikes, challenges, raids and crucibles for you, leaving you to simply equip your new legendary and exotic  gear and seeing your light level rise? – Well it is going to be hard, but there are actual possibilities for this to happen in Destiny 2.

Since we do have aimbot software for Destiny 2, all that would be needed to really make a farming bot work would be a “loot cave” of sorts, which means a locale in game where enemies and public events continuously rpawn and can be completed in a fairly simple way. An aimbot would be able to simply shoot targets until your guardian dies and since respawns are usually very close to public events, it could very simply get back using sinple macros. I am sure that some inquisitive and creative minds will come up with their own auto farming bots for Destiny 2, but if they will ever be available for public and free download, we will have to see about that.


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Destiny 2 Hacks on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Current generation consoles are very difficult to hack and cannot run unsigned code (code not allowed by Sony / Microsoft) by default, so the main way to make Destiny 2 Hacks work for PS4 and Xbox One is to use packet editing to modify the information sent by the game to the server and the information sent from the server to the console to implement cheats into the game. Hacked / Modded lobbies are not an option in Destiny 2, since the game is server based and there is no way to mod / edit the data in the Bungie / Activision servers.

As always, the best platform to get cheating software working will be the PC, but it is certainly possible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users as well, if with a lot more effort, software and hardware required to run get around the rules and gain an advantage.

What Destiny 2 Class is the Best when Using Hacks?
The Titan without a doubt: If you are using auto-aiming programs, your DPS will be determined mostly by your weapon, meaning that your abilities will be far less important. Picking a Titan (subclass does not matter) will give you the maximum tankiness, survivability, shields, regeneration. There is absolutely no doubt that the Titan is the ideal class for hackers in Destiny 2. However, of course you can also play as a hunter or warlock if that is your preference, but it will certainly be subideal. A bubble build or shield build titan will be ideal to maximize your DPS and Survivability. If you don’t care about Survivability at all, then Hunter would probably be ideal, but staying alive is certainly a huge factor in both PvP and PvE combat and especially when it comes to farming Raids, Strikes and Heroic Events to max out your gear light level.


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God Mode Cheats, Exotic and Legendary Gear Hacks, Item Hacks ect
As already pointed out, Destiny 2 is an Online Game, an online action role-playing shooter game to be exact. The “Online” part means that your character progression, stats, items, light level, legendary shards, engrams ect are all stored on the Game SERVERS and cannot be hacked in any way shape or form, because that data is stored very securely and untouchably on the Bungie game servers.

Anyone claiming that they have a god mode, money hack, free silver generator, legendary engrams or exotic angrams and item hacks is sadly not legit. It is easy to claim to have an online generator that makes the impossible possible to make dreams come true, but that does not make it reality. So beware of random claims on the internets, dear Guardians.




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