Rules of Survival
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rules of survival wallhack

Possible Hacks / Cheats for Rules of Survival
- Aimbots (software / game mod)
- Wallhacks / Seeing Enemies and items through walls
- Speedhacks, Nospread, No recoil ect.
- Scripts / Macros for looting, crafting, equipping, dodging ect.

These Cheats are all possible on Android, iOS and Windows PC alike, however on some systems it will be easier to find/make them than on others. The form of the hacks will usually be either a modded game client of a standalone application.



Impossible Hacks for Rules of Survival
- Unlimited Helath / God Mode
- Unlimited Gold / Infinite Diamonds
- Unlimited ammo, item spawning, damage hacks, item hacks

No matter what people on the internet that want you to fill in shady human verification surveys may claim, Rules of Survival is an online games and processes all these values on the game servers, therefore hacking these things is 100% impossible.


rules of survival game hacker

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Rules of Survival Aimbots & Wallhacks
These cheats are near impossible to create yourself, so you will have to rely on either free downloads provided by skilled programmers or you will have to buy these hacks. Aimbots will allow you to automatically aim and shoot your weapons for easy kills. Wallhacks on the other hand will show you items, enemies, other players, airdrops and vehicles through walls, making finding / avoiding thing a lot easier and giving you a huge tactical advantage.
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Other Rules of Survival Hacks, Mods, Modded APKs and IPAs
Aside from the obvious wallhacks and auto aim, it is also possible to use other cheating software to mod certain functions of the Rules of Survival gameplay, such as no-recoil hacks, speedhacks, noclip, no spread and so on. On PC this will usually happen via DLL injection and on Androdi and iOS people usually use Modded APK and IPA Mods to achieve such cheating options.
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rules of survival aimbot android ios

Rules of Survival Scripts / Bots
Scripts, also known as simple bots and macros are the one Rules of Survival cheat that you can essentially create yourself. While you would not stand a chance of programming your own Aimbot or Wallhack for Rules of Suvival, this method requires no real knowledge or programming at all. All you need is a PC, an emulator if necessary and some spare time.

To create our own Rules of Survival bot script for auto looting, afk farming matches for gold and diamonds, automatically equipping stuff ect, you simply need to get a macro recorder that includes an editor, record your simple script then then replay it ininately.
Tutorial on Simple Macro Bots



Is it possible to get Unlimited Gold and Diamonds?
No. This is an online game and the player values for helath, gold, diamonds, cosmetic items, ammo, other items ect are all stored on the game servers owned by NetEase Games and therefore cannot be modded / hacked in any way.

The only way to get unlimited gold and diamonds would be to play on a private server that you own and run yourself, but at this time the game does not provide the server-side game software for privately hosted Rules of Survival servers, neither does it provide support for connection to any servers outside the official game server.

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