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Best Cheats for PUBG Mobile

  1. Aimbot / Auto Aiming
  2. Wallhacks / VAC
  3. Mod Menus / Hacked Game Clients
  4. Game Hacking Tools
  5. Hack Downloads


PUBG Mobile Aimbot

While auto aim is not the nicest cheat to use in PUBG mobile and the average mobile shooter player wont love you for it, the PUBG Mobile Aimbot is without a doubt the most powerful cheat available in this game that allows you to get lots of kills, win rounds and farm free UC and BP the quickest to get those juicy skins. – What the aim bot does is quite straight forward and obvious: It automatically snaps your aiming reticle to the closest player, allowing to shoot them or automatically triggering the gun shot using a triggerbot. Aimbot apps for PUBG mobile may also be able to compensate for bullet drop, bullet speed and target movement, meaning that quality aimbot downloads will be able to calculate every predictable factor to hit more shots.

While auto aim is extremely powerful, you should always use these cheats with the greatest care and respect for other players. If you abuse this kind of software, you will certainly get reported by players that feel bullied and banned from the game forever. So before downloading any mod menu including this option you should be aware of the risk.


pubg mobile aim bot

Wallhacks for PUBG Mobile

The most fun cheat to use in this mobile shooter and arguably one of the most effective ones available as well is the ‘Wallhack’ also known as the Visual Assistance Cheat (VAC) or Extrasensory Perception Hack (ESP). – This cheat allows you to simply see enemies, items, vehicles and explosives through walls, which gives the mod its name. Advanced PUBG Mobile wallhacks may also show you the name of items and players, their exact distance, health, the direction they are facing and if someone is able to see you.

The best thing about the Wallhack is that once downloaded and installed in the form of a mod or mod menu it does make the game a lot easier: It’s easier to loot good guns, easier to find and flank enemy players in the game, easier to get kills, easier to hide from players when necessary, easy to see campers and so on. However, despite all the benefit that seeing through walls can give you as a PUBG Mobile player, this makes the game by no means trivial, meaning that the game remains a challenge and thereby remains fun to play for you and other players. So despite the wall hack being not quite as effective at killing other players, we still recommend downloading this mod over any other.


pubgmobile mod menu uc bp

Mod Menus & Hacks for PUBG Mobile

A mod menu is the way that most PUBG Mobile Hacks are ‘delivered’ to you as a player. Usually you will be downloading a modded version of the game, meaning a modded APK file on Android devices or a modded App (IPA) on Apple iOS devices. These mod versions of PUBG Mobile can come with mod menus which basically act as trainers, allowing you to open a menu and activating and deactivating individual cheating options through the mod menu.

Available mod menu options for PUBG Mobile may include, but are not necessarily limited to: Aimbots, Wallhacks, No gun spread, No recoil, damage hacks, walking through walls, skin hacks (client side only), speedhacks, no flashbang, no smoke and more. However, cheats for unlimited UC (Unknown Cash), unlimited BP (Battle Points) or actual server-side skin unlocks or unlimited cases / crates are impossible to achieve in PUBG Mobile. A God mode cheat also does not exist, since PUBG Mobile is a mobile online game and all your important account data is stored on the Bluehole / PUBG Corporation (developers) servers which cannot be modified or hacked by any possible means. Do not trust any human verification survey people that claim otherwise.


pubg mobile wallhack

Game Hacking Tools

If you are unable to find working mods for PUBG Mobile to download, you may want to try techniques including game hacking tools for Android or iOS to create your own Cheats for this game. However, before you try any of these tools you need to create an alternate account and ideally be playing on a device that you do not use very often or even on an emulator to keep your main account safe. You must never use any memory editor on your main account, unless you have tried the specific cheating app and technique before on another account and it worked.

You can find tools and techniques you can try for Android here and for iOS game hacking tools here. Also use the Tool here to find tutorials that guide you through the process of achieving certain hacks using these proven and quality tools. Don’t forget: The tool is only as good as the person using it.




Find Working PUBG Mobile Hack & Mod Downloads

Finding working mods and hacks for PUBG Mobile is extremely hard, since every single mod has to be tailored to a specific build of the game. So a mod that works for the version 1.0.5 of the game will not work for the build 1.2.1 of the game at all, meaning that with every update every single mod has to be updated as well, making finding currently working mods and mod menus extremely difficult.

To find working cheats we do recommend using this tool that allows you to find cheats on legitimate and well-moderated game hacking sites. While on normal search engines you may find a lot of fakes and scams, this tool allows you to only search legitimate sources for the hacks you are looking to download.

Before you download any free file, you must make sure that the cheat is confirmed not only working, but undetected and clean within the last 24h ideally. We do recommend testing any files on an alt account first and testing it on an old device before moving on to your man account and main device. This way you will stay safe during the use of any PUBG Mobile cheats you may find. You can find a guide on how to safely download files here.


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