How to Skip Human Verification and Get Game Hacks and Tools for Download

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Human Verification is on Tools, Generators and Free Stuff, Downloads and all kinds of ‘Goodies’ on the Internet. Here is one simple way to skip / bypass any Human Verification, Survey Offer or other kind of Content Locker that you may encounter on your search for cheats and free stuff.


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Step #1 – It’s all FAKE!
The sad reality is that 100% of all human verification tools, downloads and offers are 100% fake! They do sound too good to be true and they are. Money hacks in online games are impossible due to servers, free stuff is impossible because money does not grow on trees. And if someone had a REAL hack or tool for a game or website, they could either use it themselves us sell it for PayPal where unsatisfied customers can get back their money. – ITS A SCAM.

All the screenshots are fake, photoshoped or made using private servers, page editing or after effects. The sooner you realize this, the less you will fall for this scam and feel really, really stupid. Trust me, I fell for it too when I was 12.




Step #2 – Find REAL Hacks and Cheats for Games
HackerBot FreeFinder searches legitimate cheating websites for cheating software and Tools to use in your favorite online and offline games. These cheats are real, but they do not sound quite as nice as the fake ones. – Simply enter your game name and the cheat you want and if it exists for free download, it will show up.

HackerBot ProFinder does the same thing but for paid hacks, mods, bots and other cheating software. This software is generally safer to use, of better quality, but will cost you money. However, if you care about your account and are serious about being one of the top players in your game, you should consider it.


Step #3 – Learn about how Games work to spot Fake Tools
Offline Games will process all the data on your device/phone/pc/console, which means that all the data in the game including gold, gems, items, health ect can be ecited/hacked easily using memory editing software.

Online Games, that means any game that requires a constant online connection to work, will process most the important player data on the game servers and therefore that data cannot be hacked: That includes money, gems, health, items, cooldowns, skill points, XP ect.

Once you grasp this very simple concept of client-heavy games and server-heavy games, you will be able to simply recognize what hacks and cheats are possible in your particular game and avoid scams, fakes and misleading cheating content easily. Trust the concept, no matter how convincing the fake screenshots may seem.




If this does not satisfy you…
…and you still believe that the human verification tools are legit, then you can find ways to skip them physically here.



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