Following this tutorial you will be able to create a simple bot that will be able to farm a lot of Android and iOS mobile games that use static user interfaces (buttons that are always at the same position). So be ready to get your bot to automatically farm your favorite mobile games for you!


> You will need a computer (Windows PC / Mac / Linux)
> You need a way to run your game on a computer, aka an Emulator
>> You can find a list of the best emulators here.
> You will need a macro recorder that allows you to edit recordings, there are thousands of them. It also has to have the ability to (near) endlessly loop a macro.
>> We do recommend this one, because it offers IF statements.
>The game you want to auto farm needs a static interface.


We are now going to set up a macro bot that will be based on recorded mouse and keyboard actions, that can be highly customized and that will farm our mobile game through an emulator on our PC 24/7/365.

Step #1
Find and install an emulator for the system you are using to play the game (Android or iOS) on your computer. Note that iOS users in 2017/2018 will only be able to simulate certain games and not every game, which on Android every game can be emulated.

mobile bot tutorial

Step #2
Find and Install a macro recorder that also includes an editor. It can also be done without an editor, but it will be much harder. These are available for free (use your search engine), or you can find the best one for this purpose here that allows for basic programming.

Step #3
Find a an plan a very simple loop (string of actions in game) whereby you use the static interface or IF programming to get the bot to farm a fight/mission/raid/collect rewards/daylies ect. Make sure that the loop ends where it started.

With other words: Do actions in game that let you farm, are possible to always navigate the same way and that end at the same place they started.

Step #4
Hit record on your Macro Recorder and record the loop you just planned out. Be very conscious about where you click and how that could trigger buttons you don’t want the bot to click in other screens the bot will visit.

create auto farm bot ios android


Step #5
The basic skeleton of your mobile game bot is now done and can already be used on online and offline games to farm the heck out of it. Now you get to test if it works over longer timeframes.

What you will notice is that your bot will most likely get stuck after some time, because of some prompt (level ups / dailies ect) or because one click on one menu clicked a button in another.

Step #6
This is why your macro recorder needs an editor: It’s now time to fix bugs in your script and to optimize the bot. Try getting rid of downtime to increase efficiency, watch your bot to figure out what click get it stuck and then edit them by changing their coordinates or adding IF conditions ect.


Step #7
You now have a working bot, you can now continue expanding it by adding new loops in your editor. If you put enough work into it, you will literally be able to farm multiple kinds of game mechanics using one simple script.

Not all macro editors allow for advanced functions like visual recognition, color recognition, IF statements and other conditions or random number  generation to be applied. If yours cannot, try the one we liked above.

Having a dedicated computer you don’t need is also very helpful, sicne macro bots cannot be used while they are running, since they are using you mouse and keyboard. Using cable internet will increase the stability of your bot. If you get disconnected a lot, program the bot to automatically close and reopen the game or even the emulator to reconnect automatically to your game if it is an online mobile game.

automated fam raid build script

You are now running your very own farming bot for your favorite game. You will soon learn, if you haven’t already, that a script can be just as effective as any kind of hack, even though it works slowly, it will get you a lot of goodies.

This technique will not work equally well for all games, but trying has never hurt anyone. Worst case, you learned something about automation software.

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